By Sarah B Lange under Fundraising, IMPACT POST on February 14, 2022

These are coming to you a little late – but better late than never?

2021 was another banner year for our company — and more importantly, our clients and the people they serve! I always get giddy when money starts rolling in for our clients, who are an honor and privilege to serve.

During 2021, we managed a portfolio of 802 prospective and existing funders for our clients! We submitted 172 grant applications, worth a total of $1,495,098. That’s an average of $8,692 per ask!

Of the 17s requests submitted, 43 have been approvded for a total of $500,348. That’s an average of $11,636 per grant! Some of these grants won’t be decided on for months, so we have no doubt those numbers will go up.

Here’s the break-down by client:

Client A – a faith-based organizing group:
We managed a portfolio of 113 funders. As of September, 2021, we had submitted 51 proposals, for a total of $391,098 in requests. Of those, 7 grants were approved, for a total of $166,098, for an average of $23,728/grant! The biggest achievement we had with this client in 2021 was that they were able to add 2 staff and take over the fundraising. Woo hoo!

Client B – a substance abuse treatment center:
We managed a portfolio of 135 funders. We submitted 77 proposals submitted this year, worth $589,000. Of these, 34 grants were approved, providing $322,750 in funding. That’s an average of $9,493 per grant!

Client C – a historical restoration project:
We started working with them in August and managed a portfolio of 74 funders. Between September – December, we submitted 29 grant applications (!), worth $265,000. As of year-end, they’d been approvded for 2 grants, worth $11,500 (average =$5,750/grant). Many of the grants we submitted for them are still under consideration. Plus – we helped them obtain a $50,000 earmark from the state! This group has been in existence since 2006 and had yet to build any momentum for the project. As you can see, hiring us turned everything around!

Client D – a small, community based nonprofit: managed a portfolio of 72 funders.

Client E – a year-round marine education and sailing program for kids : managed a portfolio of 87 prospective funders. Wrote a holiday appeal letter that brought in $52,000 worth of revenue.

Client F – an emerging nonprofit that serves female-identified youth of color: helped them build their organization from the ground up! Identified a portfolio of 48 potential funders.

Client G – an organization striving to bring the rich and diverse history of slavery to life: identified a portfolio of 38 potential funders.

Client H – a provider of youth programs, year-round: identified a portfolio of 92 potential funders. Submitted 2 grants, both of which were fully funded and worth more than $50,000.

Client I – a national labor organization: identified 27 potential funders.

Client J – a program serving youth and adults who want to learn wood carving and blacksmithing: identified 38 prospective funders and helped them set up an individual donor program. We’re delighted to report that they became the subject of a Discovery+ show and are raising lots of money!

Client K – a community-based substance abuse support organization: identifed 48 potential funders, helped them lay the groundwork for a capital campaign. As of June 18, 2021, we’d submitted $250,ooo in requests. (The Executive Director — the sole employee – left the organization, so we were unable to determine the results.)

As you can see, we were super busy in 2021 and our work paid a huge dividend for our clients — literally!

This year, we’ll be helping even more nonprofits raise more money, so they can do more good! We’ll also be offering a bunch of pop-ups, webinars, flash classes and day-long intensives, and will be launching a membership program so more nonprofits can access our services (because I like to sleep! 😉 Stay tuned for deets!

And if you’ve ever got a question, I’m here to help!

You can book a free, 1-1 strategy session HERE!

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