Maximize Your Fundraising Potential

The Grant Writing Mastermind

Get checks in the mail instead of those depressing rejection letters.

Are you tired of getting those rejection letters?

Do you feel dejected when you get $1,000 grant, only to find that the funder gave your competitor $5,000?

Feel like you’re spending a bunch of time, writing grants, but not seeing the fruits of your efforts?

The Grant Writing Mastermind will change all of that!

There are a million articles, books and online courses that can teach you about grant writing. Some of these are free. Others cost money. The problem with all of them, however, is that they don’t actually help you learn how to write a grant.

Understanding and responding to the technical components that are most commonly required by funders is important, but it’s not going to win you the grant – because grant writing is a blend of technical skills, art, and magic. In this Mastermind, I’ll teach you all three!

In the Grant Writing Mastermind:

  • You’ll learn the components of the Common Proposal Format and what to emphasize in each section:
    • Organizational History
    • Organizational Goals and Objectives
    • Programs and Services
    • Organizational Structure
    • Description of Program/Project
    • Description of Need
    • Specific Activities
    • Objectives and Goals for this Request
    • Evaluation
    • We’ll discuss about contemporary trends and issues in fund raising, and how they’re impacting the world of corporate and private foundation grants.
    • You’ll learn about cost allocation and how to construct a budget.
    • You’ll find your voice and learn how to write persuasively.
    • AND, I’ll teach you the techniques I use to win over the hearts and minds of funders!

    Here’s how it works:

    The Grant Writing Mastermind is run several times each year.


    At the outset of each Learning Week, I’ll post a webinar to the Mastermind portal, covering specific learning objectives. Students will have an opportunity to post “Clear as Mud” questions to our private Facebook group. A member of the Grant Writing Mastermind squad will answer your questions once/week.


    Each Learning Week will be followed by a Writing Week. You’ll use this time to work on your grant, following the Common Proposal Format outlined above.


    During Review Weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to upload your Needs Statement and Evaluation sections into the Mastermind portal. These pieces will be reviewed by one of our writing tutors, who will provide you with feedback to help you improve your writing and grammar.


    At the end of the course, I will provide each student who submits their completed proposal by the deadline with 30 minutes of review time, providing recommendations for strengthening your proposal.

    When you’re done, you’ll have a powerful proposal ready to submit to corporate and private foundations!

    Why should you take this course with me?

    • I’ve written thousands of successful grants to corporate and private foundations, local, state and federal governments.
    • In an industry where the rejection rate is more than 50%, my success rate is above 90%.
    • I teach grant writing courses to graduate students at Clark University and run trainings and workshops all over the country.
    • I’ve published a book and written dozens of articles on fundraising.
    • I care about your success – which is why I’m building in all this one-on-one support into my Mastermind.
    • I make fundraising FUN!

    If you’re ready to get checks in the mail instead of those depressing rejection letters, sign up for the Grant Writing Mastermind today!

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