Maximize Your Fundraising Potential

The Field Guide to Fundraising

With this book in hand, nonprofits can increase their fundraising potential—and amplify their impact—by learning how to ramp up nearly every aspect of their fundraising programs in new and creative ways!

To maximize your fundraising potential, you need to change what you’re doing. My book will show you how to shift your mindset and implement better fundraising practices, which will increase your ability to raise more money and do more good!

My book will help you write more powerful grants, craft more compelling appeals, strengthen your communications program, engage board members and donors—and brag about all the great work you’re doing! It includes plenty of sample material, so you’re not left in the dark, wondering how to move to implementation.

It offers readers a fresh perspective on fundraising, as well as clear, practical strategies to expand your fundraising, using a variety of tactics. Equally helpful is my eye-opening discussion about beliefs and attitudes that can stand in the way of our fundraising success.

My book is less than 300 pages, but will help you raise thousands of dollars. It’s the best $48 you’ll spend today!

Unlike books that focus on a single strategy such as grant writing, board development, or major gifts appeals, my book is unique because it details fundraising strategies that generate the highest return on investment.

I provide you with a theoretical framework, creative ideas for taking best practices to the next level, and specific tools that can be applied to reach your fundraising goals.

By adopting this new approach, enhancing your skills, and taking a fresh look at your strategies,  your nonprofit can raise more money to make a significant difference. And isn’t that why we got into this business in the first place?!


  • Adopts a comprehensive approach to nonprofit fundraising for board members, executives, and those specifically charged with raising money
  • Explores nonprofits’ attitudes and limiting beliefs
  • Examines best practices related to fundraising, then takes those practices to the next level through creativity and innovation
  • Provides concrete ways to leverage boards, strategic planning, and communications to improve fundraising outcomes
  • Shares case studies, worksheets, samples, and tools to help nonprofits move from knowing to doing

“This is the perfect book for anyone new to fundraising for nonprofits. Sarah lays out her unique ideas along with time-tested tips and stories from successful clients. Best of all, the book is fun, approachable, and you may even laugh while learning something.”

Christine Covino
Nonprofit Professional

“This how-to-guidebook is fills a gap and meets a need in the development field. I was left feeling inspired and awakened. With a profound sense of joy, I am eager to take up arms and serve the people in my community that benefit from the non-profit organizations I work for. This book brings light to our noble profession and is going to shape a new era of fundraising professionals. This guidebook is essential to ready for anyone working in the field of development. If you seek to change the way the world works by creating a positive impact on the lives of those individuals who are served by the mission and vision of non-profits then this book is essential for you to read.”

Diana Curran
Director, Changing Our World

“Prana Recovery Centers is a non-profit agency that approaches the problem of alcohol and drug addiction with a fresh perspective. Sarah Lange’s book is helping us approach fundraising with a fresh perspective as well. Her expertise in fundraising has helped us focus on making sure our clients receive the services they need. By following her experience mixed with practical application, Prana has been able to implement techniques that ensure our relapse prevention program will be financially healthy for a long time!”

Prana Recovery Centers

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