In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I’m offering one of my most popular webinars:

Love Thy Donor: Donor Retention in an Era of Dwindling Loyalty - for only $14!

Why am I offering this webinar at such an insanely low price?

  • Because while philanthropy is increasing, donor contributions have been down.
  • Because during times of economic uncertainty, we need to focus on RETENTION.
  • Because I love you. Yes, you! You are amazing, and the work you are doing is SO important!

Important Facts:

  • In 2022, more than $499 BILLION were contributed to US nonprofits. Even though individual contributions dipped, donors still accounted for 64% -- or $319.04 BILLION – of all monies contributed, while bequests (gifts provided through someone’s last will and testament) accounted for another $45.60 BILLION – or 9% of all contributions. All told, people still account for 73% of all giving.
  • Baby Boomers (born 1946 – 1964) will continue to supply the majority of donations through 2035, and they like to make an impact with their giving.
  • We’re in the midst of the largest transfer of wealth in the history of this country! Boomers are handing down the lion's share of the wealth — $53 TRILLION or 63% of all transfers. The Silent Generation (born 1928 – 1945) will hand down $15.8 trillion, mostly over the coming decade. The time to strike is while the iron is hot!

Individual donations provide us with the unrestricted revenue we need to fill the holes in our budgets and deliver important services to the people who turn to us for help.

Yet donor retention is a HUGE problem in our sector!

Here are a few scary facts:

  • We can expect to lose up to 50% of our donors between their 1st and 2nd gift!
  • We can expect an annual attrition rate of up to 30% among donors who make more than one gift!

There is nothing more frustrating than going to all that work to secure a donation, only to have a donor drop us like a hot rock! It’s so disheartening!

When you look at the attrition rates, you can see that the scale of lost opportunity is huge. 

And it’s costing us money!

And, let’s face it -- most of us we need every dollar we can get!

The good news? There is plenty we can do about it!

This webinar will give you practical strategies to drastically reduce your donor attrition rate.

In Love Thy Donor, I’ll cover:

  • Why your individual donor program matters
  • The facts about donors and retention
  • The economics and drivers of loyalty
  • How to keep your donors around

The webinar comes with a free, 15-minute 1:1 strategy session with me, as well.

The Love Thy Donor training will provide you with the knowledge and tips you need to create, strengthen and/or expand your donor stewardship and retention program.

The webinar will be delivered as a downloadable file. Once you purchase the training, it’s yours to keep! You can watch it at your own pace and as many times as you’d like. Share it with your coworkers and board members (but please do not share it outside your organization).

Ready to hang on to more donors? This offer expires on Thursday, February 29 at 11:59pm EST, so purchase Love Thy Donor TODAY!

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day, and remember to love up on your donors, as well!

Yours in service,