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Do you ever feel like your nonprofit's fundraising engine could use a tune-up? Or worry that you might be missing out on opportunities, or falling behind?

In my 35 years of experience, what I’ve noticed is that every nonprofit IS leaving money on the table – it’s simply a matter of how much!

I know that:

  • You’re juggling individual donor strategies, grants, your board of directors, managing social media and communications, and a million other tasks, and that it can all feel overwhelming and exhausting.
  • Your organization's growth might be stalled, hindering your impact.
  • Most nonprofits are so pressed for time that they don’t invest in crucial fundraising details that can make a significant difference to your success – when it comes to fundraising, even the little stuff matters! (And sometimes, it’s what matters most!).
  • You may not even be aware of the fundraising issues that are holding you back, because you’re too close to the problem to even see it.
  • What’s at stake? Missed opportunities, unrealized impact, and a fundraising engine and development staff that are running on fumes.

Here’s the good news!

I’ve designed my “Pop the Hood” Assessment to quickly and efficiently identify your money leaks, then identify strategies and processes we can implement to plug them! More than 200 nonprofits have looked to me as a trusted guide on their fundraising journey. And I’ve helped every single one of them achieve their goals.

To date, I’ve raised over $100M. If you add in everyone I’ve taught to do fundraising, we’re talking about more than $1B! I’m one of the top revenue generators in the country. I consistently hit it out of the park for my clients -- and I want to help YOU.

Unleash the Power of The High-Impact Nonprofit "Pop the Hood" Assessment!

a unique 3-session journey to ignite your fundraising machine!

  • SESSION 1 - ASSESSMENT: Deep Dive Diagnosis (60-90 minutes)
    In this high-powered session, we'll conduct the High-Impact Nonprofit Assessment, covering everything from individual donor strategies to social media and leadership. As the Executive Director, we’ll need your full attention, but feel free to invite your development staff to the session, as well. We'll send you a Leadership assessment tool and a list of information you’ll need to gather ahead of time so you're ready for the journey. At the end of the assessment, we’ll have a clear idea of where to focus our energy first!
  • SESSION 2 - RECOMMENDATIONS: Strategize & Amplify (30 minutes)
    During this dynamic 30-minute session, we'll review and discuss your customized recommendations to plug your money leaks and amplify your revenue strategies. We'll identify the 3 areas you need to focus on first, as well as the 3-5 next steps in each area, to be completed in the next 30 days. This is your roadmap to fundraising success! During this 30 day period, you’ll have unlimited access to me via Voxer, so you can hit the gas pedal and ramp up your revenue!
  • SESSION 3 - CHECK-IN: Keep the Momentum Alive (60 minutes)
    Fast forward 30 days, and we're back for a pit stop! During this session, we'll review your progress, troubleshoot any challenges, and chart out your next steps.

What Sets the “Pop Your Hood" Assessment Apart:

  • You get candid 1:1 sessions with a seasoned fundraising professional who’s raised over $100M and has served more than 200 of your peers.
  • You get to share your challenges and frustrations with a trusted advisor whose #1 value is integrity. This means that whatever we discuss, stays with us.
  • We’ll use a quick-start, low-bar approach to increasing your nonprofit’s revenue.
  • You’ll get customized recommendations, grounded in decades of experience and success, designed to ignite your fundraising potential.
  • You’ll receive unlimited access and personalized support as you navigate this 30-day transformative journey.
  • You’ll get to make a pit-stop after 30 days to ensure your journey continues successfully!


The price for the “Pop the Hood” Fundraising Assessment is $1,997 and includes:

1. A 360 degree assessment of:

  • Your fundraising efforts with donors
  • Your grants program
  • Your board of directors and how they’re doing as fundraisers
  • Your social media/communications program
  • Your organizational structure and growth strategy

The value of this assessment alone is $5,000

2. A leadership assessment tool you can use to gauge how you’re doing and where you’d like to grow

The value of the leadership assessment is $2,500

3. Three 1:1 sessions with a seasoned fundraising professional who’s raised more than $100M, worked with more than 200 nonprofits, and is a highly sought-after advisor, speaker and author. My private, VIP clients invest $5,000 per month to receive this level of attention.

As you can see, you’re getting a fantastic ROI on your investment!

Best of all, there’s virtually no risk to you! Over the course of my 35 years in the field, I’ve raised over $100M. One of the gifts I bring to the table is using my insight to quickly pinpoint money leaks that are costing you thousands – if not tens of thousands! – of dollars. I can pretty much guarantee that if you let me get my hands under the hood, I’ll be able to help you raise at least $1,997 more in revenue – and in most cases, much, much more!

The #1 benefit of the “Pop the Hood” Assessment is peace of mind! Within 30 days, you’ll have proven, customized strategies for increasing your fundraising. When you raise more money, you can do more good!

We’re offering a deep discount to the first 10 people who sign up by May 31. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to fire up your fundraising for only $997! As of June 1, the price will increase to $1,997

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