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Are You Ready To Revolutionize
Your Fundraising?

Your organization was born to fulfill its unique mission and make an impact – and that takes money

Many nonprofits struggle to make ends meet, year after year. Why? Because they fail to invest in fundraising. You know the saying, “to make money, you need to spend money.”? Well, that’s absolutely true. 

Understandably, most nonprofits spend as much revenue as possible on programs and services. As well intentioned as this is, without an investment in fundraising, you’re starving those very programs of future resources. 

A dollar spent on programs can only help you solve a dollar’s worth of problems. 

A dollar invested in fundraising typically produces $3 - $10 in future returns. 

If you want to raise more money – so you can do more good -- investing in fundraising is one of the smartest things you can do. AND, it’s the only way you’re going to raise more money!

I created the Fundamental 5 for Fundraising membership program to help your entire organization succeed in fundraising, so you can make a greater impact! 

I got into the nonprofit sector to make the world a better place. 

I’m guessing that’s why you’re here, too. 

I believe nonprofits are the perfect intersection of intention and action. Our sector is dedicated to improving the quality of life – particularly the vulnerable and marginalized. 

Think about life in the US without the nonprofit sector. 

Would you want to live in a country devoid of arts, educational and medical institutions, social services, youth development, family support, mental health services, and other important nonprofit efforts? I wouldn’t! And I bet you wouldn’t, either. 

Yet, so many nonprofit organizations struggle to achieve the dream promised by their mission.

It’s not because of the economy. It’s because they are limited by a set of beliefs and made-up “rules” that keep organizations stuck in a stifling cycle of restricted growth and piecemeal funding. This is demoralizing, and certainly not in the best interest of those we’re here to serve.

Let’s change that!

Your entire organization has the potential to soar.

Think of all those things you’ve said no to because you didn’t have the funding. Imagine what could have been if the funds had been there!

That’s what can happen when you invest in fundraising. When you revolutionize your fundraising practices. 

The Fundamental 5 membership program will supercharge your fundraising ability!

Being part of this program will forever change the way you think about and execute your fundraising!

But it won’t just be you…when you join, your entire organization has access to all membership benefits. 

That’s right – your membership gains your entire organization access to both my trademarked curriculum and two coaching calls per month! No one else does this! 

Your entire organization will benefit from what I’ve learned over the past 35 years in the industry. Everyone on your team will up-level their fundraising abilities. 

Can you imagine how much more funding you can secure when everyone on your team is a fundraising ninja?! 

I'm Sarah Lange

I’ve spent 35 years perfecting my innovative approach.  I’ve worked with over 200 nonprofits and raised $90M… and counting! I have experience with a diverse range of clients – of different sizes, in different places, and in a range of industries. 

I have secured individual donations big and small - from $100 - $1M. 

I have landed small grants - like the $500 grant my client received from Price Chopper supermarkets – to huge ones, like the 3-year $17M Department of Justice grant given to a collaborative group of agencies helping victims of domestic violence. And everything in between! In some cases, my clients have received more funding than they asked for! 

I am confident that my experience and expertise can take any organization from struggling to striving.

The fundamental 5 membership includes

Your Fundamental 5 Membership delivers the perfect balance of training, coaching, and community support to help you transform the way your organization raises money.

5 Modules of Field-tested Fundraising Training 

You get Full access to my trademarked Fundamental 5 for Fundraising curriculum. There are 5  modules – focusing on individual donors, grants, social media and communications, board development and planning – plus a whole bunch of bonuses! Each module is broken down into short units on specific topics, so you can watch the videos that are most important to the growth of your organization’s fundraising efforts. There are worksheets and handouts to help you move into implementation. You get full access to all my tips, hacks and knowledge in one place! My clients pay $5-$10k/mo to access this!

Access For Your Entire Organization

Membership belongs to the entire organization. Most programs require you to enroll each person from your organization separately, increasing your costs and limiting the number of people who can enroll. NO ONE else offers one membership for the entire organization! WHY am I doing this? Because I want your entire organization to benefit from what I’ve learned in the 35 years I’ve been in the sector. And I understand that the person writing the grants is often not the same person who’s working with the board. 

Twice per Month Live Coaching Calls

You get to attend two 60-minute coaching calls each month. You won’t have to wait around for expert advice or get stuck, wondering what to do with what you’ve learned. My hourly rate is $200, so this part of the program alone is worth $4,800. This adds massive value to your membership! 

Access to our Private Online Community of Non-Profit Professionals

Access to our exclusive Facebook group. This is our space to post questions and build a community with nonprofit professionals from around the world. 

The Money Mindset Retreat

You get to attend our exclusive Money Mindset retreat, held twice per year. This is where you'll get to do the critical inner work that will transform your relationship with money and make you a more effective fundraiser. 

This membership could easily cost $2,000 per month.

But it doesn’t.

Right now, you can take advantage of our special lifetime Founder’s Rate of just $397/month, or an annual payment in full of $3,997.

This special rate is only available to the first 50 organizations that join the Fundamental 5. You’ll keep this rate for as long as you stay enrolled and are current with payments. Don’t delay – these spots are going to fill quickly! 

This membership program is packed with so much information, education and support that as long as you put in the work, there’s NO WAY you can fail!

I am so confident that you’ll raise more than you paid for this program within 12 months of your membership that I’m offering a Performance Guarantee.

Simply put, if you do what I teach you in the membership and you don’t increase your revenue by at least as much as you paid in the first 12 months, I’ll personally write you a check for the difference.

This membership will pay for itself (and probably a whole lot more) GUARANTEED.

I’ve been in the nonprofit world long enough to know that right now, there’s a voice in your head telling you this is too expensive. This program – which costs less than 1/10th of what my clients pay on a monthly basis – will give you the tools and skills to help you fulfill your mission like never before. But the voice in your head is telling you that’s money your program needs today. Yet that’s the very thinking that’s keeping you on the treadmill, struggling to make ends meet, year after year.

Think of it this way…

What does your organization pay for every month that doesn’t generate any kind of return?



Office supplies…


Subscriptions, etc.?

Would you ever think of NOT paying for these things? Of course not!

Your organization needs these things to fulfill its mission. They’re the cost of doing business. 

So is Fundraising!

So why, when I’m telling you that your organization can enroll in a fail-proof program that is guaranteed to generate at LEAST $5,000 in new revenue over the next year, would you even consider passing on this opportunity?

The reality is, you can’t afford NOT to sign up for this membership program. For less than $500/month, your entire organization will gain the knowledge, skills and tools you need to generate thousands of dollars in new revenue!  And with the Performance Guarantee, your participation in the program is effectively free.

You’re here for a reason

You’re here because your organization wants to make the world a better place. And whatever you and your organization have tried so far hasn’t gotten you where you want to go. 

So let’s make the world a better place by raising more money and doing more good!

The money is out there – it’s simply a matter of knowing how to get it. Having raised over $90M, I’ve figured out how to do just that – let me teach you and your organization! 


Sarah B. Lange LLC guarantees that in the twelve-month period following completion of the Program by Client (the “Guarantee Period”), Client will increase their gross fundraising revenue over the prior twelve-month period by at least the amount of the Program Price, subject to the terms of this Guarantee. If Client fails to reach the guaranteed increase, Sarah B. Lange LLC will either, in its sole determination, (a) pay Client the difference between the Program Price and the increase in gross fundraising revenue achieved, or (b) provide Client with additional coaching in the Program elements. This Performance Guarantee is subject to (i) Client’s full and complete participation in the Program offerings (except in extenuating circumstances), (ii) Client’s full and complete implementation of the Program elements, (iii) Sarah B. Lange LLC’s receipt of a written Guarantee claim within ninety (90) days after expiration of the Guarantee Period, and (iv) Client’s submission to Sarah B. Lange LLC of documentation supporting the Guarantee claim reasonably acceptable to or requested by Sarah B. Lange LLC, including but not limited to the Client’s comparative gross fundraising revenue, and evidence of implementation of the Program elements.  Sarah B. Lange LLC makes no other representations, warranties or guarantees with regard to the Program, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, except as expressed above.  The foregoing shall be Client’s sole and exclusive remedy in connection with claims regarding the Program.