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Appeals That Work

A Short Course in Writing Appeals to Help you Bring in the Bucks!

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More than 30% of donations are made during the month of December!

12% of those are made on the final 3 days of the year!

Last year, individual donors contributed $309.66 BILLION to US nonprofits!

$92,898,000,000 of that was contributed in December.

$37,159,200,000 of that was contributed during the last 3 days of the year.

Are you getting a sliver, slice or slab of that donor pie?

To position yourself to take full advantage of year-end giving, enroll in Appeals That Work, a short course designed to help you write an emotionally-compelling, effective appeal letter — just in time for year-end giving!

What will you learn?

  • Why nonprofits struggle to make ends meet and what to do about it
  • How to leverage donor motivation, donor identity and relational fundraising to radically increase donations
  • The Nuts ‘n Bolts of Appeal Letters
  • How to write persuasively
  • How to take care of your donors so they stick around

When you’re done, you’ll have the knowledge and skills you need to write an emotionally-compelling, effective appeal letter; skills you can use year after year to increase donor revenue!

You’ll experience a boost in your comfort and confidence in your ability to raise more money for your nonprofit – even in the current environment!

Course Schedule

Nov 3, 12:00 – 2:00pm EST:
Appeals that Work webinar

Nov 4 – 11:
Participants write their letters. We’ll be checking the Facebook Group daily to answer your questions and post reminders about deadlines

Nov 11:
Participants upload their letters to Dropbox by midnight for a chance at winning a laser coaching seat

Nov 12, 12:00 – 1:00 EST:
Group critique session – I’ll randomly select winners and provide a line-by-line critique of as many letters as possible in the time allotted

Nov 12 – 20:
Participants have 1-1 critique sessions with me

What You’ll Get:


The Ultimate Appeal Playbook, which includes all of the tips and hacks I use to hit it out of the park for my clients every time! – a $500 value


Access to a live, 90-minute workshop, during which I’ll teach you how to write an emotionally-compelling appeal letter, designed to unleash the hearts and wallets of your donors. This will include the opportunity to brainstorm themes and ideas with me, as well as a Q&A session! – a $500 value


Access to a live, 60-minute group critique session, during which I’ll provide 1-1 feedback to as many people as I can during the allotted time. – a $250 value


A 15 minute 1-1 laser coaching session with me. – a $250 value

In addition, you’ll get:

  • Access to our exclusive Facebook group, where you can give and receive feedback from your peers. I’ll be dropping in to the group on a regular basis to answer your questions.
  • Access to the program on Xperiencify, the most interactive course platform available today!

The total value of this program is $1,500

If I offered this course at half price, it would be $750.

But YOUR price is only $475

Why am I offering this course at such a ridiculously discounted rate?

Because I know that money is tight – especially now.

Because I know you need more money – and you need it now.

Because I want to see you get your share of the donor pie.

Because want to help as many nonprofits as possible.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to write the most effective appeal your organization’s ever seen and bring in the revenue you need to continue fulfilling your mission.

Because the work you’re doing is important – and those who need your help are counting on you to provide it.

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Presented by:
Sarah B Lange

  • I’ve written thousands of successful grants to corporate and private foundations, local, state and federal governments.
  • In an industry where the rejection rate is more than 50%, my success rate is above 90%.
  • I teach grant writing courses to graduate students at Clark University and run trainings and workshops all over the country.
  • I’ve published a book and written dozens of articles on fundraising.
  • I care about your success and I make fundraising FUN!

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