These 5 Big Mistakes Could Land Your Grant Application in the Rejection Pile

Are you tired of pouring hours into a grant application, only to have it rejected?

Missing out on grant funding can be a devastating setback for your organization. A rejection not only costs you hours in wasted effort, it costs you the opportunity to secure crucial funds for your organization.

Want to write rejection-proof grant proposals? 

On Thursday January 12, 2023 at 12:00 Eastern Time, Sarah Lange - a Master Grant Writer who gets 90%+ of her applications funded - will walk you through the 5 most common mistakes and what to do instead.

During this informative, free webinar, you’ll: 

  • Discover the secret to irresistible grant writing styles that will make your proposal stand out from the competition for scarce grant dollars

  • Learn how to decide which grant applications you should invest the effort in, and which ones you should pass on so you maximize the return on your effort  

  • See how to adapt your submissions to fully take advantage of changes in how foundations solicit grant applications 

  • Find out why one specific part of your application is undermining your credibility and how you can turn it into the thing that wins you the money

  • Uncover the brain-science behind persuasive language and tactics to elicit a “yes” from your funders 

How much would your impact increase if you secured close to 100% of the grants that you apply for?

Will you continue to settle for more rejection? Or are you ready to get the funding that your mission deserves? It’s time to take your grant writing to the next level!

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